Global Missions

Over the years, Revival Life Centre has maintained a strong 'outwards focus'. While we value our local ministries, we also believe God has positioned us to make an impact in other communities, both domestically and internationally.  



RLC has been a missions supporting church from the start. At the present we provide prayer, financial support and organise short term missions visits for the following overseas missionaries through the ACC International Missions agency: 



Doug & Fiona Higgins

Pen Asia (Closed Country)

Craig & Rebecca


Sarah Ardu, Ben & Theeda Prevost

North Asia (Closed Country)

Ross & Donna


Penny Nakanishi


Paul & Deborah Hilton

Kelvin & Rebekah Windsor


Ben & Angela Thorpe


Greg & Kim Hart


Local High Schools 

Locally, RLC enjoys a long standing relationship with numerous local schools and scripture boards.  We believe that continued investment into our young people is vitally important. Financial support is given to the following scripture teachers:


Hurstville Boys High / Sydney Tech High

Matthew Dickens

Penshurst Boys / Oatley Campus

Matthew Harris

Penshurst Girls High / Beverly Hills Girls High

Virginia Thompson


Local Primary Schools                    

RLC also provides Scripture Teachers at various primary schools.


If you would like to contribute, or find out more about our global missions impact, please email Ps Matthew.